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5 Tips to Ensure Your New Hires Are Successful from The Start

Job orientation is the process of introducing new hires to their new work environment through training sessions or meetings. It includes learning about company culture and policies as well as learning how things like benefits and compensation work at your healthcare facility. It also helps new employees get familiar with the office space and technology they will be using on a daily basis (if applicable). New hires often feel intimidated on their first day, especially when they don't have much of a job history. While it's understandable to feel nervous, feeling welcome will help make the transition easier for your employees and is important for employee retention in the long run. A positive start can lead to higher rates of employee satisfaction. Below are the 5 tips that will help you create the best employee orientation experience possible.

Focus on the New Hire's needs

There are a lot of ways to make sure the new hires in your healthcare organization are successful from the get-go. Here are five simple tips that can help you get started.

1. Don't just focus on their skills.

2. Share your company's vision with them.

3. Ask them what they want out of their job, and then help them figure out how they can contribute towards that goal.

4. Try not to project behavioral expectations, but instead have conversations about purpose and personal values and how these are important to you as a healthcare organization.

5. Be open to feedback and suggestions as they come in so you can improve your training programs and make sure everyone feels like they're part of something bigger than themselves!

Make them Welcome from the Beginning

When you hire someone new, it's important to make them feel valued and welcome from day one by providing them with simple things like morning coffee or breakfast pastries as well as a few other small touches that will help them settle in quickly. This helps create an environment where they can get their heads around what's expected of them before moving into more complicated tasks like learning how to use new software or other systems within your company's infrastructure.

Create a Schedule

When you're hiring new employees, it's important to ensure they are successful from the start. Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Create a schedule for job orientation and review it with everyone involved. This will anticipate and prevent a lot of questions, which will allow you to focus your energy on helping the new hire transition smoothly.

2. Have someone who can act as a sounding board for questions about the job or company culture (this can be an existing employee or someone who has never been part of your team). This person should be available throughout the process so that when questions arise, they can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

3. Make sure that all candidates have received information about their responsibilities before they come in for an interview or meet with human resources representatives during orientation sessions at their new location(s).

Use a digital Orientation Checklist

When it comes to new hires, it's important to have a plan for them. You can create a digital new hire checklist that will help you keep track of their progress and ensure they're getting the support they need.

The checklist should include:

-A schedule for their first few weeks on the job so that you know when to expect them to finish their work

-A list of questions that you want them to answer in order to assess whether they're meeting expectations or not

-Information about any training needed before they start working (if there is any)

Do Team Building

Here are some tips to ensure your new hires are successful from the start:

1) Have them sign up for an orientation session before they start work. This will give them an idea of what's expected of them, and how their contributions will be valued by their colleagues.

2) Ensure that there are clear expectations about how often they need to attend these sessions before they can be considered full members of the team. If you're planning on holding regular meetings with your new hires during their first few weeks on board, make sure they know when these will take place beforehand so they can plan accordingly!

Ask for Feedback

1. Ensure you're hiring for the right job.

2. Hire for personality, not just skills.

3. Help them grow as individuals at their own pace and help them learn from each other in a positive environment.

4. Set clear expectations for performance and growth, but don't be afraid to give them freedom within reason.

5. Once they've been on the job for a while, take the opportunity to ask them what they think about their experience and how it could be improved.

We know you might still have some questions about job orientation. The good news? DirectShifts team is here to clarify a few things for you, so you can bring on new hires efficiently.



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March 9, 2023


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