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Appreciating and Celebrating Healthcare Workers This Holiday Week

Every year there are dedicated days, weeks, and months to appropriately recognize the contributions of healthcare professionals around the world. Through the hard work of these clinicians, administrators, and support staff - people are able to receive the patient care they need and require. As such and as an employer, it's increasingly important to keep your team and staff happy and appreciated - through the long hours, burnout, and ongoing challenges the industry continues to face. 

Why? Your staff and team are the first to interact with your patients and are an integral part of patient care and experience. Regularly showing your staff appreciation for all their effort and commitment to the workplace, build an effective and results-driven organization. You'll see lower turnover, higher quality care, better communication, and clinical results. In turn, less recruitment expenditure, happier and returning patients, and a happier and more successful clinical practice.

Here are some ways you can celebrate and show your appreciation:

1. Giveaways

Showing appreciation to your nurses and hospital staff with giveaways. Items can be t-shirts, perfumes, or personalized coffee mugs. Do not limit yourself to this one, so be creative! 

2. Special Events & Parties

Host special events such as taking them out for lunch or dinner to recognize their work and to bond as a team. 

3. Activities

You can host a number of Indoor games and fun activities which set the team spirit and trust among the team members.

4. Share Success Stories

Publicly announce and share some patient testimonials and feedbacks or the responses received about your health care staff and nurses which will set the tone for a high standard of care which these professionals provide within your organization

5. Personalized Recognition

Send your staff a special note from the leadership or management team throughout the week 

showing appreciation and making them feel that you care.

Celebrate them

A successful organization recognizes its employees for all the efforts they put into building an effective team at your healthcare organization. This kind of support is critical to their ability to show up, give their all for their patients, face disappointments and successes, and bravely come back and do it all over again. Employee recognition can make a difference in motivating your staff and providing the best patient care. The key motive for celebrating the success and life of nurses and other healthcare staff is to celebrate the contributions of your employees and make them feel especially appreciated every day. Recognition and appreciation are most effective in driving engagement when done sincerely, frequently, and consistently. It doesn't always have to be on a large scale, a simple thank you note or other small gestures from a manager or from the leadership team can make a big impression.

It's no secret that people prefer to work for organizations where they feel happy, driven and are encouraged time to time and with world being more connected now than ever companies are finding it more challenging to ensure they give their employees a pleasant environment. In order to address this, DirectShifts team connected with Dr. Dierich Kaiser, a clinical psychiatrist who has been in the field for over 25 years, wherein he talks about the power of positive workplace culture and what it takes to motivate and encourage our healthcare workers. Visit this link to know more: Workplace Values: What Matters to Clinicians! (


Post by Saniya Mahajan
December 2, 2022


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