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Build your Best Team with DirectShifts' Staffing Solutions

The nursing shortage has only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic further increasing the need for a healthcare staffing partner to serve as a resource to fill vacancies as soon as possible.

To ensure that facilities do not fall further behind in nurse staffing and have access to top talent when it is most needed, it is important to recognize that not all healthcare partners are the same and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Here are five key factors to look for when building your best team with DirectShifts Staffing Solutions.

1. Understand the Company's Reach.

Every staffing firm has a different level of recruiting power. If your facility's needs are not time-sensitive, having an organization with a shallow talent pool may be sufficient. But if you have an urgent and large order, a partner with a large pool of talent that they can access quickly and efficiently may be better suited to ensure your goals and needs are met

 2. Recognize Top-Level Talent.

When it comes to recruiting and hiring strategies, quality is often more important than quantity. Make sure the staffing firm you work with has highly qualified physicians who are not only a good fit based on skills, but also culture. The more comfortable doctors feel in their roles, the longer they will likely stay and be part of the community.

 3. It provides added value.

Hospitals today benefit from the expertise of healthcare staffing companies because of the unique market position that allows them to interact daily with clinical leaders, CMOs, nursing boards, and other decision-makers at hospitals across the country. These conversations give staffing firms the opportunity to anticipate clients' staffing needs and provide data-driven recommendations based on relevant past experiences that help clients save time and money.

4. It has a strong reputation.

A company's reputation is critical when looking for a new or evaluating an existing partnership. When comparing healthcare staffing firms, consider these questions:

  • Would the doctor recommend the company to a friend or colleague?
  • Is the company consistently beating the competition to place the best talent?
  • What are the company's fill rates and promoter net score 

5. Shows a passion for the industry.

A staffing partner is an extension of the healthcare facility they work for and should demonstrate the same passion for the industry as their client. A partner should take pride in their work and recognize that the medical staff they help place across the country are responsible for ensuring quality patient care.

DirectShifts has designed an on-demand staffing model that completely removes agency overtime and cuts reliance on travelers by using a local pool of candidates. It is an AI-based model that helps healthcare organizations cut their costs by 40% immediately, so you don't have to get locked up in long-term contracts and can maintain the flexibility to meet the ebbs and flows of patient demands at the same time.

We connect healthcare employers directly with clinicians. Thus, helping healthcare facilities lean on technology-enabled platforms like DirectShifts, which helps them hire healthcare staff 10 times faster.

This model has also been featured asDirectShifts' On-demand Staffing Model helps Healthcare Facilities cut their labor costs up to 35% 

Visit here to understand more about our Staffing Model: Employer (



Post by DirectShifts
May 15, 2023


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