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DirectShifts Approach To Credentialing And Recruiting

We understand that the performance of healthcare professionals is the most important factor to your organization. At DirectShifts, we recruit strategically to diminish turnover rates and ensure the highest level of confidence in our clinicians before they walk through your door. 

Credentialing Process

DirectShifts requires all its healthcare professionals to have a valid AHA BLS certification

Our credentialing experts develop additional requirements based on speciality and your facility's specific needs

DirectShifts experts help our clinicians complete all background checks, employment verifications, and drug screenings

Candidates are vetted through all global watchlists as well as federal, state and county criminal and civil records. 

Thorough interviews, credentials and background checks provide an excellent clinical swimming pool.

At DirectShifts, we understand your facility's need to maintain patient satisfaction. That's why we've created a workforce management platform to mobilize a local, on-demand workforce to help you meet patient demand in real-time.

This starts with ensuring that our clinical experts undergo a rigorous vetting process.

Our goal is to streamline your work and provide you with a seamless HR experience. We take the hassle out of building, screening and managing talent in your local community and customize a recruitment plan based on your organization's staffing needs.

Check out DirectShifts approach:

  • Our interviewers are experienced clinical professionals with the ability to ask the right clinical questions and conduct in-depth interviews to ensure we provide your facility with qualified local talent.
  • We proactively manage communications with our professionals before credentials expire to ensure our professionals are always in compliance.
  • We appoint a DirectShifts expert to partner with your facility and ensure all experts are up-to-date on your evolving training needs.
  • We constantly research and adhere to new standards.


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Post by Saniya Mahajan
December 5, 2022


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