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Is DirectShifts a Job Marketplace?

Traditionally, when hospitals needed healthcare professionals to cover vacations, temporary vacancies, or increases in volume, they turned to their preferred staffing agency. But in today's on-demand society, healthcare organizations and professionals demand a more flexible and immediate alternative.

With an AI-based platform like ours, healthcare organizations get instant access to local, experienced doctors who are available to fill open shifts. And these health professionals are free to choose when, where, and how they want to work, and choose the shifts that best suit their schedule and skills.

Our fast, transparent and affordable recruiting solutions help providers focus on better care. Here are 6 ways DirectShifts is turning the traditional agency model upside down:

1. We're a technology-based company

DirectShifts is a technology-based company that gives you access to healthcare professionals on demand. We believe that if something works by itself, it should happen automatically. With our AI-powered platform and a range of features, we make the recruitment process accessible and transparent for both employers and healthcare professionals.

We will not call you with a list of candidates or ask you to fax paperwork. We provide you with the technology to post open shifts to a growing, qualified list of healthcare professionals in a wide variety of fields - all near you.

DirectShifts professionals include RNs, PAs, therapists, physicians, CRNAs, CNAs, mental health counselors, technicians, surgical and radiologic technologists, and more. Our experts work in critical care (including perioperative), inpatient and outpatient operating rooms, medical surgery, telemetry, ICU, ED, and delivery.

2. We're not your typical middleman.

In the traditional agency model, when staffing needs arise, HR managers spend time and energy contacting their agency, waiting to hear back about candidates, verifying their qualifications, and finalizing terms. DirectShifts eliminates the hand-off between agency and HR through technology. All DirectShifts professionals are already fully vetted, licensed and vetted and ready to claim trades from their phones as soon as they are published on the platform. This local, on-demand talent pool is continuously adjusted by DirectShifts based on your needs and requirements and remains available to fill staffing gaps only as they arise. If you want to hire one of our full-time professionals, which many agencies don't, we offer the opportunity to start the process through our platform. And because the process uses technology, it's more efficient than the traditional agency model. Now employees can devote more attention to higher-value tasks.

3. We're transparent

All essential details like compensation, schedule, and facility features are listed in one place. You will know everything to make the best decision! DirectShifts works in real-time, so as soon as you post a shift, healthcare professionals can see and claim that shift instantly.

4. We help you optimize your existing team, too.

Staffing agencies supply temporary staff. DirectShifts not only gives you access to experienced talent on demand, but also helps you optimize your existing internal resource pool. We help you float staff from low-demand fully staffed facilities to high-demand understaffed facilities. This helps you reduce overall labor costs and keeps employees engaged.

5. We're here for you 24/7.

With a financially sustainable model, DirectShifts creates an "Uber-like" experience for healthcare employers who can easily find pre-verified and pre-credentialed candidates from a pool of 850,000+ clinicians at nearby locations. When you need support, you've got DirectShifts team to help streamline your administrative tasks of setting standard rates, credentialing, training, onboarding, timesheets, billing, etc. at your fingertips 24*7.

6. We offer a simple, stress-free experience.

DirectShifts easy-to-use platform works on any device: mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It's also easy to implement without help from IT. We are a community of 800,000+ pre-verified and credentialed healthcare professionals. We aim to connect healthcare professionals directly with hospitals and employers by eliminating recruitment agencies and intermediaries from the recruitment process.

We are a technology company that gives your facility the tools to tap into a local pool of experienced, fully vetted healthcare professionals. And we do it in a way that's easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to fit into your facility's existing staffing model. Given the sheer complexity of the modern medical industry, it has become increasingly difficult for facilities to find qualified professionals. The DirectShifts platform is an innovative solution that streamlines and modernizes the process of matching clinicians to jobs and on-boarding them expeditiously. We connect healthcare employers directly with clinicians. Thus, helping healthcare facilities lean on technology-enabled platforms like DirectShifts, which helps them hire healthcare staff 10 times faster.


Post by Saniya Mahajan
November 20, 2022


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