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Webinar Sneak Peak!

Workforce management is top of mind for healthcare executives as COVID-19, historical inflation, and critical health worker shortages have pushed hospitals and health systems to their operational and financial brink. With total healthcare labor expenses jumping 20.8% from 2019 to 2022 and "...median operating margins for hospitals fell from 5.6% to -1.4% between December 2021 and March 2022", health system executives are looking for innovative ways to curb labor costs. 

One strategy for hospitals and health systems to overcome clinician shortages is building a health worker float pool. Float pools have been around for years, but the healthcare landscape has evolved drastically, and float pool strategies have remained relatively unchanged. In our mission to modernize healthcare workforce management, we have recently introduced our Float Pool Management Solution!

This blog gives you a preview of what to expect during our upcoming webinar, Address Clinical Workforce Challenges with DirectShifts Float Pool Management Solution, in which we'll demonstrate how our tech-enabled service is the perfect solution to build a dependable healthcare labor pool and efficiently and cost-effectively manage your entire clinical workforce - per-diem, locum tenens, contract, and permanent.

Why did we build the Float Pool Management Solution?

Many Hospitals and Health Systems are already operating with skeleton crews across their different care teams, and open shifts strain everyone - the hospital, the in-house clinical teams, and ultimately patients.

  • For Hospitals and Health Systems: Increased labor costs due to over-reliance on expensive travel, contingent labor, excessive overtime rates, and decreased patient throughput.
  • For in-house clinicians: Increased physical, mental, and emotional burnout risk.
  • For patients: Poor patient outcomes, medical errors, and unnecessary deaths. 

We built our Float Pool Management solution to ensure that hospitals and health systems have the coverage they need without harming their bottom line and that clinicians - both in-house teams and DirectShifts roster of high-quality, local clinicians - are supported to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

What is DirectShifts' Float Pool Management Solution?

DirectShifts' Float Pool Management Solution allows hospitals to efficiently fill open shifts and ensure the most cost-effective deployment and utilization of your FTEs, internal float pool, on-demand workforce, and contract staff. 

What we'll cover during the webinar!

We don't want to give too much away, but here are some highlights of what to expect during the event! We'll discuss the following:

  1. Where float pools fit in healthcare workforce management and their potential to address challenges like high labor costs, scheduling inefficiencies, clinician turnover and burnout, and patient safety.
  2. Why conventional float pool models can fail to meet the workforce goals of today's hospitals and health systems.
  3. Demonstrate how DirectShifts' Float Pool Management Solution addresses the traditional float pool and overall workforce challenges.

Who should attend?

A properly constructed and well-managed float pool benefits all stakeholders in our healthcare system - hospitals and health systems, their in-house clinical teams, the float pool clinicians, and ultimately patients. So anyone looking for a way to address the many facets of clinical workforce challenges is welcome! Whether you are a hospital administrator looking to streamline workforce utilization and optimize labor costs, a staffing coordinator looking to improve open shift management and scheduling, a care unit manager looking to reduce your team's workload and stress, or a float pool clinician wondering how to gain more flexibility and control over your schedule, our webinar has something to offer. Register today to participate in what promises to be a great event. If you can't make the live session, register anyway, and we'll send you a recording of the live session!

Jake Behnke
Post by Jake Behnke
June 20, 2023


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