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Why Does Your Organization Require Timesheet Management Solution


Managing employee attendance and time sheets is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare companies and in the current remote scenario. Employees are an essential part of healthcare organizations, but at the same time can cost a fortune if their timesheets are not properly managed.

Gone are the days when companies had to spend a lot of time manually tracking and logging their employees' time, leave, and per diem. Healthcare organizations today need to upgrade their timesheet management by adopting the best software available in the market. Are you wondering if companies really need timesheet management? Well, let's find out.

Why time tracking is important in the healthcare industry

Whether you work in a hospital, long-term care home, or a medical clinic, teamwork and organization are important in order to provide the best healthcare services possible. Below are some reasons why time tracking is important in the healthcare and medical fields:

  1. Tracking time for all employees- Since many healthcare organizations and hospitals implement shift schedules, they might be more prone to making errors with people logging in and out all the time. To combat that, implementing a time tracking system will enable organized, accurate time tracking 24/7. Also streamlining the process for both employees and management, and offering employee shift scheduling.
  2. Reduce human error- A time tracking solution quickly allows hours to be tracked automatically as compared to manually by administrators or the employees themselves, which reduces potential scheduling errors since the solution is less prone to making timesheet errors. 
  3. Streamlines scheduling- Medical and healthcare workers often work long hours and full-day shifts. This makes it even more important to track employee hours when it comes to scheduling and swapping shifts, tracking PTO, and allowing employees to log in from authorized locations using a mobile app.

Why is there a need to switch to online timesheet management system:

  1. Manual tracking methods are more expensive than you think. They complicate the payroll and calculations.
  2. The HR team is overloaded.
  3. Manually managing timesheets can lead to inaccuracies and compliance issues because they are not transparent
  4. Finally, most of your competitors have already upgraded the way they manage their employee timesheets, saving huge amounts of money and time.

It's important to create an efficient time tracking system to help employees succeed in this fast-paced industry. DirectShifts offers its partners and employers a free timesheet management solution for their clinical staff. Check out the best practices for time tracking for healthcare workers to optimize their billable hours

Benefits of DirectShifts Timesheet Management Solution

A bad timesheet management software hurts your company's expenses the same way manual timesheets do. So, it's essential to choose the right timesheet system. 

Manage Timesheets with DirectShifts' Mobile app

Watch out for these features:

  1. Securely review and approve staff timesheets online- Our timesheets are permission based for both clinicians and employers. Only authorized employees are able to access, review and approve staff submitted timesheets
  2. Cut managerial time by automatically sending reminders to submit timesheets- Our system automatically reminds staff to submit timesheets. Stop worrying about chasing your staff down to submit their hours. 
  3. Provide your staff access to a mobile app for timesheet submission- All our clinician users will have access to submit timesheets directly from their mobile devices. Just click and download our DirectShifts mobile app.
  4. This is a free service for our partners and clients- This is a free service offered to all employers who are in search of a timekeeping tool. 
  5. Reduced Errors- Our system reduces absenteeism by letting your  employees know the number of leaves they can avail themselves of in a month and the loss of pay for late logins. The solution also reduces the errors made by humans and stops unbiased actions.

Using an online time tracking system allows for healthcare providers and medical professionals to use their time in an impactful way. Instead of spending precious time on timesheets, they are able to help those who need their time the most. We're here to help. With its free timesheet management solution, DirectShifts helps healthcare employers comply with labor laws, reduce cost, boost employee productivity, efficiency. When you need support, you've got DirectShifts team to help streamline your administrative tasks of setting standard rates, credentialing, training, onboarding, timesheets, billing, etc. at your fingertips 24*7. This will improve employee retention, and your healthcare facility will have a winning solution for your business and your people. Equip yourself with more information on DirectShifts update about Timesheet Management Solution feature.


Post by Saniya Mahajan
August 4, 2022


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