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Clinician Resources / Inspiration / 30 Best Reinforcement Games for Online Speech Therapy

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Reinforcement games are a useful tool to help clients with special needs improve their development. Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) use a variety of reinforcement games to help children gain momentum with their learning. Yet, there is often a flipping point when SLPs and kids begin to find the games to be monotonous. To help you deeply engage with your clients and help them sustain their pace of learning, we scoured the Internet to shortlist the 30 best reinforcement games for online speech therapy. In this article, we share our findings.

#1 Pink Cat Games

This website lets kids play games for free based on your selection of grade and specialty. It features a wide range of games such as identifying pictures, emotions, odd one out, similar vs. different, functions, foods, two-step directions, matching, negation, and more.

#2 Poki

On Poki, you can find a host of colorful and exciting games that test your reasoning. The games here include Who is Lying, Soccer Skills Euro Cup, London Jigsaw Puzzle, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles, Tic Tac Toe with Buddies, and a lot more.

#3 Toy Theater

Toy Theater features free, interactive, and educational games for elementary school children. It hosts math games, reading games, and art activities to aid learning.

#4 Wheel of Names

This game is an exciting digital adaptation of wheel spins. It consists of eight different names written across four bright colors and makes for much-needed fun moments during online therapy sessions.

#5 Happy Clicks

Happy Clicks is full of fun and exciting games for toddlers. However, you can use this digital resource for speech teletherapy sessions for older kids too, as there are plenty of puzzles, maze, coloring, and memory games on the website.

#6 Mr. Potato Head

This website is useful for kids to learn body parts and play matching.

#7 ABCya

ABCya offers hundreds of games for free for grades K-6 and above.

#8 The Color

The Color is the ideal place for engaging coloring activities for children in grades up to K-5.

#9 Happy Birthday Song

If one of your clients has a birthday, just visit the website, enter their name and play the birthday song. This can be a great tool to build rapport with your clients.

#10 Match the Memory

This website provides numerous decks to play memory games.

#11 PBS Kids

On PBS Kids, you will find hundreds of interactive games for children.

#12 Tic Tac Toe

This digital adaptation of the game helps build reasoning and problem-solving.

#13 Connect Four

This website lets children play Connect Four and helps them build on their strategy skills.

#14 Fun Brain

Fun Brain has games for kids of all grades. The website features colorful games with interesting designs that can stimulate and engage little minds.

#15 Two Player Games

This website hosts a whole range of games with two players where both you and your client can log in and have fun.

#16 Battleship

Yet another game of strategy, here, kids can play a game of battleship for as long as they'd like.

#17 Flip a Coin

This page lets you flip a coin randomly. It's a great tool to make a decision before you begin an activity.

#18 Digi Puzzle

Digi Puzzle offers hundreds of coloring activities, jigsaws and puzzles for kids.

#19 Whiteboard

On Whiteboard, you can draw pictures of your choice, color them, and share them with friends and family.

#20 Language Play Room

This website offers select games that can increase user engagement and ensures minimum stimulation.

#21 KneeBouncers

This is a collection of interactive online games customized for toddlers and preschool children.

#22 Do 2 Learn

Do 2 Learn provides thousands of resources for learning songs, communication cards and activities that can guide and regulate behavioral and social skills.

#23 OwlieBoo

OwlieBoo offers educational games for children to play on their PC.

#24 Playing Cards

Children can indulge themselves in a quick game of Chess, Checkers, Crazy Eights or Go Fish on Playing Cards.

#25 Global Allied Health

Global Allied Health provides online games that are designed for speech teletherapy sessions. The games here include Puzzles, Board Games, Mad Libs, I-Spy, and more.

#26 Helipopper

Helipopper requires kids to pay attention to the color of the flying monster's hat. Children will need to pop the balloons that are of the same color as the hat.

#27 Simon Sees

Simon Sees is an interesting online game where children can change the pattern of the monster's eyes to match his reflection in the mirror.

#28 Spaceship Maze

In this game, kids of all grades can guide spaceships through a maze. Though the game may seem easy at first, it becomes challenging progressively.

#29 Chicken Game

This game lets you click your mouse to watch chickens lay eggs and hatch chicks. It is ideal for early learners.

#30 Fruit Fall

In this game, toddlers can help the farmer catch the falling fruit in his basket.

Post by Bhairavi KS
August 9, 2021


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