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When considering teletherapy as a career move, therapists are often divided about how they must go about their virtual practice Independent or through platforms? Which platform would be the ideal choice? These are questions that require long hours of brainstorming, research, and weighing in on current scenarios because they can directly impact career and family life. While an independent practice allows you a great deal of schedule flexibility, teaming with teletherapy platforms can ease administrative and technology overheads. It can also greatly benefit the financial situation of therapists. If you are considering joining hands with telemedicine platforms, here are the six best teletherapy companies for therapists that are transforming healthcare at breakneck speed in the US.

BetterHelp The world's largest network of experienced, licensed, and accredited counselors, BetterHelp works with over 18,000 therapists to provide counseling for individuals, couples, and teens. This teletherapy company helps therapists provide care for their clients via messaging, live chats, phone conversations, and video conferencing. It gives the entire toolkit that therapists would need to take their private practice online. With over 10,000 people signing up on BetterHelp daily seeking counsel, the company offers lucrative opportunities for therapists to advance their careers and earn more. BetterHelp enjoys an impressive 4.2-star rating on Glassdoor, where over 90% of its employees approve of their CEO, Alon Matas, and would recommend BetterHelp to friends. It currently has positions open for licensed therapists. 

TruePill Another teletherapy platform, TruePill works with 2,200 board-certified healthcare professionals across 50 states to deliver care for clients through asynchronous, video-conferencing, and in-person visits. The platform boasts of a monthly patient capacity of 2.5 million and robust APIs (Application Programming Interface) that allow seamless recording and accessing of client data through the course of therapy. TruePill provides live video consults with just one click and helps therapists see their clients with no additional software. About 80% of its workforce have claimed that they would happily recommend the teletherapy company to their friends and have given TruePill a 4.1-star rating on Glassdoor. TruePill is currently hiring pharmacists and clinicians.

Global Teletherapy This teletherapy platform provides high-quality therapy services to school children using reasonably priced, secure technology. Global Teletherapy works with highly trained therapists in K-12 special education to help children with special needs achieve their full potential in an unrestrained manner. Global Teletherapy's employees have given the company a whopping 4.9-star rating on Glassdoor, all of whom have approved their CEO, Alan Goode, and were optimistic about recommending the company to a friend.

Dotcom therapy Dotcom Therapy is a company that collaborates with K12 schools, universities, hospitals, families, and communities to provide teletherapy for speech therapy and behavioral and occupational therapy services. It works with board-certified therapists across 48 states and offers a multidisciplinary network of support to clients. Dotcom Therapy enjoys a 3.8-star rating on Glassdoor. While 82% of its employees on Glassdoor approve of their CEO, Darcey Nett, 68% of them recommended the teletherapy company to their friends.

eLuma Therapy Founded in 2011, eLuma Therapy has its headquarters in Lehi, UT. This teletherapy platform provides live, virtual therapy services and software solutions for children of all ages. Its services include speech, occupational and physical therapies, and mental health services to K12 schools throughout the US. About 81% of eLuma employees are likely to recommend the company to a friend, while 87% approve of their CEO, Jeremy Glauser. eLuma holds a strong 4.2 rating on Glassdoor

EBS Healthcare EBS Healthcare is another teletherapy platform that provides high-quality therapy services for children, families, and the community. This company offers customized salary packages for each employee that factor in individual education, experience, location, and nature of employment. In addition to attractive career-advancing opportunities across the country, EBS Healthcare also supports its therapists through scholarship opportunities, bonus programs, and health benefits. EBS Healthcare is rated 3.6 on Glassdoor. While 90% of EBS Healthcare employees approve of their CEO, Mark Stubits, 74% are likely to recommend the company to a friend.   

Before zeroing in on teletherapy companies to practice teletherapy, therapists must look for crucial points to help them decide. 

  1. What is the nature of employment offered by the company full-time or part-time? 
  2. What benefits does it offer therapists? 
  3. How many hours of work must be clocked in?
  4. Will the company provide technical equipment for the session? If no, will the cost of equipment be reimbursed?
  5. Will the company reimburse licensure expenses?
  6. Will the company provide access to assessment protocols?
  7. Will the company provide materials for treating clients? If yes, what would it include?
  8. Will liability insurance be needed?
  9. Will the company charge for no-shows and cancellations?

Gaining clarity on these matters is crucial to making the right decision, as encountering an unforeseen situation later during employment may lead to disappointment. It is recommended that therapists carry out complete, independent research and check on these points with teletherapy platforms before taking a final call. 

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Post by Bhairavi KS
December 23, 2021


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