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4 Ways DirectShifts Supports Mental Health and Wellbeing

DirectShifts is committed to supporting clinicians in their efforts to manage the stress, anxiety, and burnout that can often come with their job role. We all know that the pandemic took a toll on mental health. It's important to understand the unique needs of healthcare providers and how we can help them. Here are four ways we are helping to support our healthcare heroes:

1. Preventing Burnout

Burnout is the result of an overwhelming emotional experience, which a variety of factors can cause. Healthcare professionals are often exposed to these factors when working in high-stress environments such as those created by pandemics.

With more than 50% of physicians and one-third as many nurses reporting burnout symptoms, it is becoming a widespread problem.

With the nonstop influx of patients and the emotional toll of the pandemic, clinicians seem to be burning out earlier in their careers than ever before. DirectShifts takes the opportunity to know the story of every clinician and share it with our audience to spread awareness. In this event, we will address the issue of clinical burnout and how to prevent it. 

2. Offering Flexible Schedule

Clinicians are demanding more flexible scheduling for a healthier work-life balance. DirectShifts enables flexible scheduling by allowing core staff to work the hours they prefer while DirectShifts professionals fill in gaps that fit their schedules. If you're ready to work where you want and when you want, our platform provides local access: you can help keep caregiving in your community streamlined credentialing: you can upload and store credentials in minutes simple scheduling: you can view and book shifts directly from our mobile app. When it comes to work-life balance, healthcare professionals deserve more than just flexibility--they deserve a better way of doing business with their employers. That's why we built DirectShifts for them--so that they could take control of their schedule without sacrificing flexibility or quality of life.

3. Promoting Professional Development

DirectShifts supports mental health and well-being by providing clinicians with the freedom to choose their own work schedule, allowing them to make the most of their professional development and career. DirectShifts is a platform for healthcare professionals that allows you to book shifts in your local community through our app. You can also take time off when you need it and bring your best self in each shift you choose to work. The lack of professional freedom and development can contribute to burnout, so DirectShifts makes it easier for you to work on top of your license--supporting you as you stay professionally engaged.

4. Building Financial Freedom

DirectShifts helps professionals earn extra income through its platform, which offers a variety of ways for clinicians to make money. DirectShifts offers flexible hours so you can work around your schedule and not feel guilty about taking time off from work if you need it (or want it). You can choose how much time you want each week based on your needs and preferences--and if someone else needs help with something while you're at home with your kids, they can just ask for help instead of having to come in themselves!

Join us!

We at DirectShifts put our best effort into improving the job search experience for a clinician, and we recognize that sometimes the small things matter! We receive a lot of fantastic feedback from clinician candidates which helps us improve and enhance your job search. These features will help you to search for more specific criteria, expand your job search preferences, and keep up with trends in employment in the healthcare industry. DirectShifts is not an agency, but a job marketplace for healthcare professionals to browse with pay transparency. We empower healthcare professionals to find their perfect job opportunities faster and more accessible than ever before. Our overall goal is to advocate for clinicians and provide resources about trends in the industry while helping healthcare professionals find employment that is right for them. Some clinicians on our site may not be aware of all that we do, so let's quickly look at some lesser-known facts. How To Find A Job As A Clinician On The DirectShifts Platform

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February 14, 2023


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