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If you're currently seeking well-paying full-time or part-time physician jobs, or telemedicine jobs in any of the following states, click on them to discover exciting new opportunities. 

1. Family physician jobs in California

2. Family physician jobs in Colorado

3. Family physician jobs in Illinois

4. Family physician jobs in Massachusetts

5. Family physician jobs in New York

6. Family physician jobs in Pennsylvania

7. Family physician jobs in Virginia

8. Family physician jobs in Washington

Family physician opportunities vary dramatically from state to state. It is important for physicians who are looking for Family Medicine MD jobs in other states to do their research on the opportunities available to them.  In this article, we list the best states to work as a family physician, based on average annual salary and number of physician jobs data that were reported in 2020:

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Best States to Be a Family Physician

#1 Alaska:

The average annual salary of family physicians in Alaska is about $194,616. There are a total of 831 physicians from all specialties in Alaska and 106 family medicine MD jobs. The state provides ample opportunity to work, explore and achieve work-life balance. Alaska also happens to be the No.1 state to be a pediatrician in all of US.

#2 Wisconsin:

There are about 850 family medicine MD jobs in Wisconsin that pay an average annual salary of $178,689. Wisconsin has a thriving physician community of 9,496 physicians from all specialties. The state also has a low cost of living, high quality of life and great options for education.

#3 New Hampshire:

Though New Hampshire is one of the smallest states in terms of area and is one of the least populous states, it has about 6,314 medical professionals in total. Family physicians in New Hampshire make about $183,691 a year. There are about 235 family medicine MD jobs in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is also known to provide excellent learning opportunities and is one of the safest states to live in the US.     

#4 Nevada:

The average annual salary of family physicians in Nevada is about $183,098 and there are about 219 MD jobs in the state. There are about 3,243 active physicians in Nevada. Nevada is also a fun state to live in. You can find world-class skiing opportunities here and go rock-climbing or camping on the weekends.

#5 North Dakota:

Family physicians in North Dakota get paid $176,720 a year. There are about 121 family medicine physician jobs in North Dakota, and 953 physicians in total. North Dakota is a great place to live in as it provides abundant economic opportunity and has an affordable cost of living. The state also provides quality education opportunities and a wide range of food and beverage options.

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Post by Bhairavi KS
October 28, 2021


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