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Build Your Clinician Career with DirectShifts

For the sake of public health emergency, now is the perfect time for you to assess how to become more resilient in your healthcare career.

From your need for a safe work environment where you're welcome to self-advocate to your desire to protect yourself physically and mentally, the DirectShifts team is ready to support you as you take command of your career.

Let's look at 3 steps to help you do that.

  • Prioritize Self-Care

As a clinician, you provide transformative care to patients during every shift. You deserve the same kind of compassion and care.

  • Recognize and appreciate your value

Your passion for healthcare, connection and bond with patients, and ability to remain calm and composed is crucial to quality patient care. Seek out opportunities where you feel encouraged and motivated.

  • Protect yourself from burnout

Burnout is a widespread problem reaching concerning levels among healthcare professionals, with more than 50% of physicians and one-third of as many as 80% of nurses reporting burnout symptoms. Clinician burnout in 2022 is difficult to face head- but it's an important consideration so that you can stay in the profession you worked so hard to join.


 At DirectShifts, we help doctors find exciting opportunities that allow for a better work-life balance. Explore now!



Post by Saniya Mahajan
December 7, 2022


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