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Choosing The Right Teletherapy Company in 2023

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The teletherapy industry has seen a rapid growth in the last couple of years, mainly because of technological advancements. But having the right credentials and expertise to practice telepathy from home is needed. That's how certified specialists come in handy. With specific certifications, therapists can safely provide services through multiple platforms to their patients. Each type may or may not be best suited for your career as a therapist or your financial situation. Below are 6 best teletherapy companies for therapists who wish to take advantage of telemedicine in the US. 

BetterHelp- BetterHelp, the world's largest network of experienced, licensed, and accredited counselors, works with more than 18,000 therapists to provide counseling to individuals, couples, and adolescents. This teletherapy company helps therapists provide care for their clients through messaging, live chat, phone conversations, and video conferencing. It provides the entire set of tools that therapists would need to bring their private practice online. With more than 10,000 people signing up to BetterHelp every day seeking advice, the company offers therapists lucrative opportunities for career advancement and higher earnings. BetterHelp enjoys an impressive 4.5-star rating on Glassdoor, where over 99% of employees approve of their CEO, Alon Matas, and 84% recommend BetterHelp to their friends. Currently has open positions for licensed therapists

Teladoc Health- Teladoc Health founded in 2002 is a global virtual healthcare and telemedicine provider. Teladoc offers whole-person virtual care to serve patients right from the comfort of their homes. From on-demand urgent care to complex healthcare needs, Teladoc is changing the way people access healthcare. They reach and get connected with the patients using easy-to-use software and medical-grade telehealth devices. Teladoc health's physician team along with Aetna and CVS health services are launching nationwide virtual primary care.

This virtual health team is now announcing a new partnership with Vivo to provide Brazilians with improved access to healthcare virtually. In addition, they are also expanding their telehealth services in the nation's schools and providing primary care at an economical cost. About 60% of its employees said they would recommend the teletherapy company to their friends, giving Teladoc a 3.6-star rating on Glassdoor

Global Teletherapy- This teletherapy platform provides high-quality therapy services to school children using secure technology at a reasonable cost. Global Teletherapy works with highly trained therapists in K-12 special education to help children with special needs reach their full potential in a limitless way. Global Teletherapy employees gave the company a whopping 4.5 stars on Glassdoor, all of whom approved of its CEO, Alan Goode, and were optimistic about recommending the company to a friend.

DotCom Therapy-Dotcom Therapy is a company that partners with K12 schools, universities, hospitals, families, and communities to provide teletherapy for speech and behavioral and occupational therapy services. It works with certified therapists in 48 states and offers a multidisciplinary support network to clients. Dotcom Therapy enjoys a 4.1-star rating on Glassdoor. While 89% of its employees on Glassdoor approve of their CEO Omar Dawood, 75% of them have recommended the teletherapy company to their friends.

eLuma Therapy- eLuma Therapy was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Lehi, UT. This teletherapy platform provides live, virtual therapy services and software solutions for children of all ages. Her services include speech, occupational and physical therapy and mental health services to K12 schools across the US. About 73% of eLuma employees are likely to recommend the company to their friends, while 80% approve of their CEO Jeremy Glauser. eLuma has a strong 4.1 rating on Glassdoor.

EBS Healthcare- EBS Healthcare is another teletherapy platform that provides high quality therapy services for children, families and the community. This company offers customized salary packages for each employee, taking into account individual education, experience, location and nature of employment. In addition to attractive career opportunities across the country, EBS Healthcare also supports its therapists through scholarship opportunities, bonus programs and health benefits. EBS Healthcare has a rating of 3.3 on Glassdoor. 

Before focusing on teletherapy companies to conduct teletherapy, therapists need to look for crucial points to help them decide.

  • What is the nature of the employment offered by the company - full-time or part-time?
  • What benefits does it offer therapists?

How many hours of work must be entered?

  • Will the seating company provide technical equipment? If not, will the cost of the equipment be reimbursed?
  • Will the company pay for the license fees?
  • Will the company provide access to assessment logs?
  • Will the company provide materials for client treatment? If so, what would that involve?
  • Will liability insurance be needed?
  • Will the company charge for no-shows and cancellations?

Clarity on these matters is essential to making the right decision, as an unforeseen situation later in the employment can lead to disappointment. It is recommended that therapists do full, independent research and review these points using teletherapy platforms before making the final call. If you are looking to grow your Teletherapy practice, DirectShifts has partnered with BetterHelp to help therapists expand their practice! Please SIGN UP HERE.



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March 15, 2023


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