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Clinician Meet, Career Advice for Clinicians with Dierich Kaiser

We are pleased to feature Dr. Dierich Kaiser, working with DirectShifts as a psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience in healthcare under his belt. He is an expert in child and staff psychiatry. He also mentors psychiatric residents and medical students. We asked him to share some of his achievements, experiences, and challenges faced as a psychiatrist with our readers. This will be a source of learning and excellent career advice for all new and aspiring psychiatrists and healthcare professionals in 2022.

What do you love about working as a psychiatrist?

I love being able to address mental health needs quickly and effectively and see positive results. That is the basis of my psychiatric career.

What career advice will you give new and aspiring clinicians in your field?

Tips for a successful psychiatric career by Dierich:

  • I want all of them to know that their work is needed more now than ever.
  • Their work will both help and save lives. Their patients will likely never forget the good work that has been done for them.

What was the best part about being associated with DirectShifts?

DirectShifts has been diligent in setting up professional clinical work that fits for me and my clients. They have been responsive and professional. I am very pleased with DirectShifts.

A closing message to your readers

"Mental health is clearly crucial to our survival as individuals and as communities. I am a board member of the American Mental Wellness Association, which advocates for mental wellness and prevention. I am constantly looking for ways to do my work better and with more impact. I write blogs. I do give talks to groups. I reach out to help bring answers to those who need mental health education and care."

Post by Saniya Mahajan
September 12, 2022


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