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DirectShifts Mobile App for Clinicians

A free-to-use mobile app for clinicians to find their next big opportunity is here! Welcome to the DirectShifts Healthcare Job app. A job marketplace built for clinicians by clinicians.

Directshifts offers a variety of healthcare jobs, including permanent roles, per-diem shifts, locums, and travel positions, by using an AI-based platform.

Find the DirectShifts healthcare job app on the App Store as well as on Android devices.

DirectShifts is completely free for all clinicians.

Why download the DirectShifts app?

We are a community of 800,000+ pre-verified and credentialed healthcare professionals. We aim to connect healthcare professionals directly with hospitals and employers by eliminating recruitment agencies and intermediaries from the recruitment process.


  1. Convenience: Search and apply at your convenience.
  1. Transparency: Find out the exact hospital and pay rates. No hostile contracts
  1. Get paid more: Get paid higher as there are no middlemen or agencies.
  1. Online Credentialing: We collect all your documents for you and facilitate faster credentialing. Manage all your paperwork online.
  1. Tax Filing: We understand that tax filing can get complicated! We will help you file your taxes at no cost.
  1. Easy to Use: Apply for jobs with a few clicks. No more paperwork or fax machines are needed.

Stop using traditional job boards and agencies to find your next role.

App features to help you with your job search

We simplify everything with a suite of modern software tools all in the palm of your hands.

Search thousands of active healthcare jobs online with top employers.

  • Filter by location, pay shift, specialty, and more.
  • Manage/upload your digital resume and credentials.
  • Submit your timesheet with ease on the go.

Visit this link to learn more about the DirectShifts App: Directshifts Mobile App

So what are you waiting for? Try our new app for Apple and Android devices to find your dream job


Post by DirectShifts
May 22, 2023


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