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DirectShifts Hosted Student Loan Repayment & Financial Management Event

The rising cost of living is becoming a significant concern, and it is an expensive time. Many clinicians have trouble managing their finances because of student loan repayments, less competitive salaries, and unstructured financial management.

In this virtual event, which happened on December 22, 2022, we addressed the concerns of our clinicians regarding financial management while discussing the options available for student loan forgiveness programs. Click here

  • financial advice from clinicians who have been in the industry for over a decade.
  • addressing the issue of how our healthcare workers can manage the growing financial pressure.
  • Real-life inspiring testimonials from clinicians from various industries

We asked our nurse practitioners, Victoria Masilang and Yim Chin, who are experienced healthcare professionals, about what a clinician can do to manage his or her finances.

Key Takeaways
  • When we first spoke with Victoria, she described how difficult it is to keep up with current inflation and how important it is to save and keep track of your expenses.
  • In the discussion with Yim Chin, she talked about the importance of the emergency fund and how it could help you during the recession. She also mentioned a hack: when your income increases, you should not increase your spending on the other side.
  • Furthermore, they both talked about how important it is to be happy at what you do rather than just doing it for money, and when it comes to studies and investment in studies, how research could help find the right way.
  • Victoria also mentioned the lack of awareness among healthcare students about the student repayment loan and the importance of the Pell Grant. How we can spread more awareness regarding such grants?
  • Yim Chin also talked about how community colleges are still affordable and how you can pursue them at the start of your education and eventually move to a better place.
  • They also discussed public service loan agreements and how they help with loan repayments.
  • Further, they both talked about how DirectShifts' team is helping them, understanding their requirements and efforts, giving them solutions, and going way beyond their limits to get their work done. They also appreciated the mutual respect that DirectShifts is able to maintain with our clinicians.

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Post by Saniya Mahajan
December 22, 2022


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