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Social media has become a vital part of all our lives. It has changed every industry, and nursing is no different. Being active on social media can help Registered Nurses (RNs) stay updated and gain relevant skills to further their careers. Unfortunately, many nurses fear social media for various reasons such as HIPAA violations, avoiding professional errors, or simply because they prefer setting clear boundaries. 

If you are not leveraging social media to grow in your nursing career, you're missing out. Here are 4 ways social media can help you professionally.

Expand Your Network

Many registered nurses use LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, other nurses, and other members in healthcare to expand their professional network.

You can follow industry-based groups on LinkedIn to discuss current nursing trends and best practices. Also, make sure you follow the pages of the best healthcare companies and hospitals that you wish to work for.

A similar strategy can be used on other social media platforms like Facebook. Facebook has many nursing groups that provide advocacy, support, and resources for registered nurses.

All these connections on various platforms can help you professionally by aiding your job search, keeping you informed, and providing a way for you to communicate with others in healthcare. 

Stay Updated

Stay at the forefront of your nursing career by following individuals, organizations that provide up-to-date information on nursing, advances in nursing care, and evidence-based practices. 

Follow organizations such as American Nurses Association (ANA), the FDA, and CDC that regularly post information about research, trends, and news in healthcare. Use these platforms to initiate or join important discussions and to exchange ideas with other RNs around the world.

If you plan to pursue a higher degree, you can explore various nursing programs on social media platforms to get in-depth information and reviews from other RN colleagues.

Build Your Brand

Recruiters actively scout social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter researching job applicants. Stay ahead of the game by making sure that you are putting forward your best image when recruiters or any colleagues look at your profiles.

Make sure to review all the information and images on your social media profiles. Avoid posting incorrect information or something that you might regret later.

You can enhance your brand by building strong social media profiles that catch the attention of recruiters and also the healthcare community. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms to post insights, information, and updates about healthcare.

Look for Jobs

If you're looking for temporary/locum RN jobs or permanent RN jobs with the best healthcare companies, platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook can be beneficial. As discussed earlier, social media facilitates networking and building a personal brand, which can make you more visible to recruiters who search social platforms for candidates for RN jobs. 

Also, it's advisable to keep your profile and resume updated on LinkedIn so that you don't miss out on any job postings and to leave a positive impression on any potential employer who checks your profile. 

Using social media appropriately

Avoid negative behavior such as posting videos or pictures that reveal patients' personal information, posting degrading comments about patients or their families, any unverified information that could be harmful to your patients or the community. 

Potential consequences for such inappropriate use of social media varies as per the individual case. If found guilty, consequences include fines, suspensions, mandatory training, loss of employment. 

Observe the principles laid down by American Nurses Association (ANA) for positive social networking. If you liked this article, subscribe to our blog for more such articles. You may also be interested to read our article on the 8 best places to find RN jobs.



Post by Yash Gupta
December 16, 2021


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