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Holiday Meet and Greet- Key Highlights

DirectShifts hosted a special holiday meet and greet event on December 27, 2022, where all our clinicians and DirectShifts team met, networked, celebrated the holidays, and ended the year with a bit of fun!

It included fun activities, exciting gifts, and a big award for the Clinician of the Year. The goal was to bond with our clinicians and build a community where everyone could interact and express their thoughts and stories.


Fun activities, which included raffle prizes, games, and a special bonus lightning round

An award ceremony to address the Clinician of the Year with a gift or a gift card of their choice

An interactive session thoughtfully designed to spark conversations and connections

A Q/A session where participants directly interacted with the DirectShifts team and shared their experiences and viewpoints

A memorable and joyful experience while we celebrated the huge accomplishments of the year and celebrated 2023!

Key Highlights
  1. The virtual networking event was a great success, as the DirectShifts team got to interact with our clinicians face-to-face and were able to celebrate the holiday season.
  2. All of the clinicians had the opportunity to interact, introduce themselves, share their life experiences, and learn about their coworkers.
  3. Furthermore, DirectShifts' Co-Founder Vamshi Gunukula was able to address all of our clinicians and thank them personally for all their efforts to make the patient's life easier; he also mentioned that this is one of the best times of the holidays for him because he got to interact with our clinicians.
  4. A Q&A session was held, where it was an open platform for all our clinicians to ask their queries and share their experiences with the DirectShifts team. We also discussed the upcoming plans for 2023.
  5. The entire event lasted 5055 minutes and included games and activities in which our clinicians actively participated.
  6. The Clinician of the Year Award was presented to Eboni Gibson, CMA, RMA, for her contribution to one of the patient success stories.

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Post by Saniya Mahajan
December 27, 2022


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