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How Can Healthcare Organizations Support Women?

A conversation with Mareina Brewer, CMA

Women in healthcare are key to the future of the industry. Women comprise 50% of the population, yet they only make up 10% of workers at senior roles in the healthcare arena. While these numbers seem like they should be reversed, there is a lot more work to do to better support women in health care. Healthcare organizations must be proactive about supporting women and leaders to increase their presence in leadership roles and increase diversity among employees.

DirectShifts had the pleasure of interviewing Mareina Brewer, a clinician who is currently working as a mobile phlebotomist and medical assistant, while simultaneously pursuing her dream of becoming a registered nurse. She shared her insights and advice for young women who are considering a similar path in healthcare. Mareina offered her perspective on the current landscape of the healthcare industry. She acknowledged the high percentage of women in entry-level healthcare positions, but also expressed the need for more women in leadership roles.

Here are some of the key highlights from the conversation:

  1. You should write down a plan and focus on the end goal. Grab the opportunities that come your way. There could be many hiccups in the way to achieve your dream goals but in the end, everything will be worth it.
  2. A culture of trust and encouragement would allow the advancement of women to be in better positions or higher ranks in healthcare. It's the lack of trust that keeps anybody in a certain predicament or position. Women are capable of making decisions, along with maintaining that very caring, empathetic touch that patients need.
  3. Can women in healthcare support other women as a solution? Women empowering women is very essential. It's like team work. Working together will help cover up for each other's flaws and as a team it will be a source of learning and support that can be provided to each other.
  4. Every healthcare professional is united by wanting to give the best patient care. They collectively utilize care and empathy to help serve society as a whole by helping keep everyone healthy.

Women in healthcare are underrated and the current state of affairs is not sustainable. We believe that empowering women in healthcare should be a priority for all healthcare institutions. Healthcare is an industry that is changing rapidly. The role of women in the healthcare field is evolving. As more women enter the workforce, there are new opportunities for them to flourish in the field, even in leadership roles.

However, there are many barriers that need to be overcome before women will see their full representation in healthcare leadership. To address this problem, we must empower women to take control of their careers and access resources to improve their experience.

Watch the full conversation here: Empowering Women in Healthcare: Pursuing Careers and Breaking Barriers (


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April 4, 2023


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