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Navigating the world of job searching can be time-consuming, how to find the right NP or PA Job. With so many opportunities and a changing landscape, how do you find the right NP or PA job?

Looking for the right NP or PA job? If you're an APRN or PA, our job board is designed with you in mind! We work individually with skilled Advanced Practice Providers, supporting you through your job search and identifying environments that align with your specific career goals. If you're looking for the right job, here are four steps we always recommend.

1. Develop a recruiter-ready" resume. Hiring managers don't read resumes, they scan to find the sections and keywords they're looking for. That's why it's important to write your resume for the job you want to have. To get started, create your DirectShifts profile and upload your resume.

2. Match your skills, preferences, and experiences to jobs that are a good fit for this stage in your career. We believe it is not only important that your job role be a good match, but that the environment is a good fit for you as well. For example, if you prefer to work autonomously, a position at an academic institution may not be the right fit for you. But, it might be perfect for someone who values collaboration and constant learning. Advanced Practice Providers work in many different environments, from community clinics, to regional medical centers, to large teaching hospitals. The opportunities are as diverse as the environments in which you can practice. There are many pathways to your dream job, and it might take a few different positions to achieve it. If you know where you'd ultimately like your career to go, we're here to help you navigate the job selection process and make a decision you can feel good about.

3. Get support throughout the interviewing process. Interviewing for an APRN or PA job can be a lengthy and involved process. Our team will foster lines of communication between you and the employer, obtain interview day agendas, coordinate travel, and give you tips to manage the inevitable 10-hour-long interview with confidence.

4. Effectively negotiate the terms of your employment contract. An often overlooked key to gaining a satisfactory employment contract is knowing where there is room to negotiate. We know the salary averages for your role and the types of compensation packages that hospitals are offering. In addition to the base pay, you could be eligible for benefits, bonuses, tuition reimbursement, continuing education, licensing and certification, and more. In addition, we know where hiring managers won't negotiate and can help you evaluate an offer objectively before you accept. The best part of our services is that we never charge a fee for candidates to work with us. To get started and join the DirectShifts Network, click here to create your profile. We'd love to help you find your dream job!

This article was originally published on Melnic by Jill Gilliland. Melnic has been acquired by DirectShifts.

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