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Is Corporate Social Responsibility Driving Job Choices?

While we continue to talk about consumers being selective about who they purchase from and do business with and how employees evaluate their potential employers, it is important to understand what this really means. A great deal of these choices, especially with younger generations, stem from the concept of corporate social responsibility. What this really means is that a companys focus is on looking at the impact it has, positive and negative, on all areas, from a societal level to a financial level to an ecological level, and on all the stakeholders in between.We can find a company that promotes these values most often through sustainable approaches, charitable giving, philanthropic programs or ethical work practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has increased in popularity, in part due to generational value shifts and the greater visibility that the internet and social media have created. Look at the rise in companies that center on giving back to the community and rose in popularity for these ideals within the last decade: Toms, Patagonia, and Ben & Jerry's. Consumers aside, employees have taken CSR concepts into consideration when choosing who they want to work for. 

What does this mean for healthcare? In a time when the medical industry has experienced its toughest few years, the supply of healthcare workers has dropped well below the level of demand for open positions. Employees are guiding the market, and money is not always the sole desire. At DirectShifts, we want to ensure that each healthcare worker on our platform feels valued, taken care of, and prioritized in what they are looking for from the organizations they work for. We want to hear what CSR initiatives truly make a difference and what the future of this deciding factor will be.

We also understand that actions speak louder than words. That is why everyone at DirectShifts has and will continue to prioritize the clinician experience in everything we do. We are a network of people who care, who must look out for each other, and who continue to drive a positive impact on those we work for, those we work with, and the communities we serve. 


Post by Rachael Oldham
November 29, 2022


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