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Clinician Resources / Health and Wellness / Managing Stress and Burnout in a Demanding Healthcare Environment - Juliette Moze

In the world of healthcare, it's really important to learn how to deal with stress and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Juliette Moze, who is a nurse and a single mom with five years of experience, has some helpful tips to share about how to handle the challenges of working in healthcare:

Find Your Purpose :

Juliette's nursing journey was kindled by an inspiring nurse who cared for her ailing mother.  Juliette firmly believes that her path was chosen, stating, "God put me on this road. He wouldn't fail me now, and I have a greater purpose."

Maintain a Strong Support System:

Juliette leans on her faith and the support of family, friends, and colleagues. She emphasizes the impact of having a network of believers. "I've met people along the way who tell me to persevere, no matter what”.

Don't Be Afraid to Make Changes:

Juliette encourages healthcare professionals not to hesitate when it comes to changing their work environment. If your current setting doesn't align with your well-being, explore other specialties or shifts. 

Self-Care Is Non-Negotiable:

The toll of night shifts and long hours on one's health can be immense. Juliette emphasizes the importance of self-care and maintaining balance. "Think about yourself first’’, highlighting the necessity of prioritizing one's well-being.

Resist Burnout and Bullying:

Juliette's resilience shines through as she advises against tolerating bullying or mistreatment in the healthcare field. Seek guidance and support when facing challenges.

Embrace Change and Growth:

In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Juliette advocates for embracing change and continuous learning to stay relevant. She advises, "Embrace change and continue learning to provide the best care possible."

Juliette's journey serves as a reminder that healthcare professionals are not just healers but survivors. By prioritizing self-care, seeking support, and staying true to one's purpose, it's possible to navigate the demanding healthcare field while safeguarding personal well-being.

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August 29, 2023


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