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Clinician Resources / Clinician Life / Mental Wellness Made Simple: Tips for a Healthy Mind and Body - Tracy Sherbo

In an enlightening conversation with DirectShifts, Tracy Sherbo, a dedicated nursing professional with extensive experience, offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of nursing. Her journey from being an RN to her role as a mentor and educator reveals a wealth of knowledge regarding nurse burnout and the importance of self-care.

Let's explore Tracy's wisdom through some key takeaways:

  1. Nurturing Mental Wellness:

Tracy highlights the significance of mental wellness in the nursing profession, especially given the high-stress nature of the job. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing burnout symptoms, such as forgetfulness or increased stress levels. Tracy acknowledges, "If you're starting to forget what you were doing... you need a break."

  1. Recognizing the Urge to Do More:

Tracy delves into the innate desire of clinicians, including nurses, to constantly do more and give their best. She acknowledges that this drive can lead to overworking and neglecting personal well-being. Tracy encourages clinicians, saying, "You need to do more for you."

  1. Supportive Team Dynamics:

Tracy suggests that fostering a supportive team environment can be instrumental in preventing burnout. Encouraging open communication among colleagues allows nurses to look out for one another.

  1. Adaptable Career Path:

Tracy emphasizes the versatility of the nursing profession. She suggests that nurses experiencing burnout in one area can explore different nursing roles, from hospital floors to doctor's offices.

  1. Regular Self-Assessment:

Tracy advocates for regular self-assessment, where nurses can reflect on their well-being and satisfaction with their roles. This introspection can help identify areas of improvement and guide nurses toward making informed decisions about their careers and personal lives. According to Tracy, it's crucial to ask fellow nurses, "When was the last time you did something for you?"

In the healthcare profession, focusing on mental wellness is vital, so making it a priority is crucial for long-term success and contentment..

Post by DirectShifts
September 28, 2023


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