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Registered Nursing Opportunities in Chicago

Are you looking for a new nursing job in Chicago? Are you looking for an exciting opportunity in the health industry as an RN but have no idea where to start? Currently, there are plenty of opportunities available for registered nurses and other healthcare professionals at hospitals like Thorek Memorial Hospital, Roseland Community Hospital, and Loretto Hospital.

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Registered Nurse | Psychiatric/Mental health | Chicago, IL

Registered Nurse | Ambulatory Care | Chicago, IL

Registered Nurse | Medical-Surgical | Chicago, IL

Psych Registered Nurse | Behavioral Health | Chicago | IL

Registered Nurse | Emergency Room | Chicago | IL

Registered Nurse | Emergency Department | Chicago-based Hospital, IL

Registered nurses play an important role in promoting wellness and helping improve the quality of life in the community. There are great opportunities in healthcare for those considering a career as an RN, including job security, high salaries and great potential for advancement.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses' employment is expected to grow by 16% by 2024. 

Registered nurses are skilled professionals responsible for providing direct patient care and administering medications as part of a healthcare team. They also perform administrative tasks such as managing patient records and billing insurance companies for services provided to patients in their care. In addition to excellent pay and benefits, working as a registered nurse offers many opportunities for advancement and growth within your career path. Registered nurses often advance into management positions as they gain experience and become more senior members of their team. 

Registered Nurse Salary

Average RN Salary: $78,260

Average Hourly: $37.63

Number of RNs in Illinois: 129,260

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April 16, 2023


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