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Clinician Resources / Inspiration / Speech Therapy Teletherapy: Best Activities for Kids

How to keep kids engaged in online therapy?

Not all activities that you use for in-person therapy sessions can be used for teletherapy. After all, speech therapy in a digital environment tends to come with other layers that you need to get right before launching your practice. There are two core components to owning a successful speech therapy teletherapy practice.

  1. Finding the right platform.
  2. Finding platform-friendly materials.

For independent practitioners, there are several HIPAA-compliant technology tools that simplify the process of booking appointments and clientele management. If you prefer to keep fewer things under your supervision, you could opt for technology platforms such as BetterHelp which take care of the tech platform and end-to-end practice-related operations. Either way, finding the right platform for teletherapy is no longer a challenge in the post-pandemic world.

Finding platform-friendly materials, on the other hand, could be a challenge not due to a dearth of online resources but because it might be difficult for you to figure out the resources that are best suited to you as a speech therapist.

In this article, we share some of the best online resources that can make activity time fun during teletherapy.

So, what are some good online games for speech therapy?

#1 Free Speech Therapy Apps

  • Toontastic:

This app helps improve language, grammar, social skills and more. Creating videos using this app can be time-consuming. Yet, you can leverage the app by phasing your efforts between creating the storyline, practising role play, recording the video, and reviewing the targets for the session.

  • Charades Pictures:

Charades Pictures is a great app for building vocabulary and articulation carryover. It is freely available in the Apple Store.

  • Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja can help with reinforcement during sessions as it limits time to 60 seconds and gives a grace time of 15-30 seconds to win a game.      

#2 Interactive PDF Resources for Speech Therapy

  • Conversation Starters:

Conversation starter resources can help develop social skills during individual or group sessions. Ensure that you focus on language, fluency and articulation.

  • Nouns and Pronouns:

You could use the four seasons to work on nouns and identify pronouns. Using seasons to work on language skills can be very effective as each season is naturally associated with a set of colors and moods. Therefore, try to get them to describe, ask questions and use verbs. Here is an interesting use of the winter season and polar bears to help kids with their speech therapy.

#3 Free Boom Cards

  1. Scramble Cards:

Use these cards to get kids to unscramble short sentences. They are self-checking task cards that help improve grammar, syntax and sequencing by getting kids to drag and drop them in the right order.

  • Reinforcers:

Reinforcer cards are an excellent way to gather data and increase the child's participation and self-awareness. You can find several free and paid theme-based reinforcers online. Animal, sports and fiction-based reinforcers are always found to be popular among kids.

A pinch of creativity, fun and color are all it takes to keep kids hooked to your speech therapy sessions online. By using the resources listed above, you can figure out your secret ingredient to successful teletherapy sessions. Then, there will be no going back ever.

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Post by Bhairavi KS
July 11, 2021


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