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Clinician Resources / Behavioral Health Therapists / Teletherapy Jobs: Top 5 Interview Questions and Answers

Online therapy companies look for three critical pointers to choose the right teletherapist candidate for their company “ 1) Professional expertise, 2) Attitude towards work and 3)Personality type. Their questions for the interview will be designed accordingly to assess you on these qualities. The interview stage is where most qualified candidates fail to make the cut simply because they don't know what recruiters are looking for. Job applicants may find it harder to catch the pulse of the recruiter in a virtual setting where there is no direct, real-time exchange.

In this article, we discuss five interview questions that most candidates find challenging and how you could ace them in your next teletherapist job interview.

1.Why do you want to work as a teletherapist?

As basic as it may seem, this is an important question that can help you set the direction/agenda for the rest of the interview. You may have a crystal clear picture of the reason behind your decision to work as an online therapist. But you need to be able to express yourself in a manner that inspires confidence in your recruiter. Talking about your passion towards this line of work and the life experiences that motivated you to pursue a career in teletherapy might help you strike a chord with recruiters. Remember, everyone likes a good story.

2.Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a difficult client.

As Walter Annenberg famously said, ˜The test of character is having the ability to meet challenges'. And medical recruiters would love to see how you met yours as well. This is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase how well you understand the nuances of your job. Assure the interviewers that you stayed calm and focused on the needs of the client. Let them know that you understood that it was natural for individuals to get emotional when they were fighting inner demons and struggling to make progress. If you're a fresher, you can address this question by talking about what you would do when handling such a patient. This question is a test of your attitude towards work. So, just let it shine through your answer and avoid specific details about the incident.  

3.Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a confidentiality issue.

Client privacy and confidentiality are always sacrosanct. Most teletherapy companies offer a high degree of client confidentiality through their technological tools as they are required to be HIPAA compliant as per the laws in the US. Failure to comply with the privacy laws of the land can cost companies and therapists huge money through lawsuits. When faced with this question, let your interviewers know that you have always maintained all client records securely. If there was ever a time when your client's experience affected you to the point that it had to be shared, make sure you let the recruiter know that you still held onto your integrity tightly and did not disclose the identity of your client to your confidant. This will demonstrate that you would make a great fit for global teletherapy jobs.

4.Here is a medical record of a patient. Tell us how we can treat him.

Your potential employer will ask you this question if they want to get an idea of your level of expertise. Go through the complete case history and give a well thought out treatment plan, so that recruiters take you seriously.

5.What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

The recruiter wants to see your attitude towards work with this question. Do you crib about work or do you work your way around a challenging situation? Take care not to whine about your ex-employer or the work you did there. Instead, stay focused, unbiased and positive about the ups and downs at work. Let them know that you are a thorough professional who knows how to take things in your stride.

Getting hired as a teletherapist can be a breeze, if you put your mind to it. The best teletherapy companies like BetterHelp have several opportunities for teletherapists. A few steps in the right direction is all that you need to kickstart your dream career as a teletherapist! All the best!


Post by Bhairavi KS
May 19, 2021


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