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Clinician Resources / Salary / The 8 Best Places to Find High Paying Registered Nurse Opportunities

For exciting and relevant registered nurse opportunities near you, click on the links below to apply:

The rise in the number of nurses quitting due to burnout through the delta wave has further exacerbated the shortage of nurses in healthcare in the US. The demand for Registered Nurses (RNs) in hospitals and clinics has triggered a 5.6% increase in the enrolment for bachelor's, doctoral and master's nursing programs in 2020. In other words, now is a great time to be an RN! However, if you have just passed out of college and have little experience, finding a job that suit your interests and priorities can be a challenge, as most facilities may prefer recruiting experienced RNs than freshers. So, here is a list of 8 places that can help you speed up your job search and find high paying jobs as a registered nurse:


DirectShifts is a free online platform for (and trusted by) clinicians to find hundreds of legitimate and high paying RN jobs in the country. We do a lot more than just present a list of opportunities that might interest you or match your profile based on our advanced AI predictions. We have a dedicated Clinician Concierge who interact with nurses 1-on-1 to understand them from a 360 degree view and assist them throughout their career journey. To help us assist you better, we have a wide range of job opportunities with healthcare leaders of all sizes. We specialize in healthcare recruitment and help registered nurses find locum, per diem, travel and telemedicine opportunities based on where you currently are in your professional life.


Indeed is one of the largest job sites in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month. It provides job-seekers free access to look for opportunities, post their resumes and research companies. With over 32 million ratings and reviews, Indeed is a great place to look for RN jobs.


Glassdoor is a practical platform registered nurses to look for jobs as it provides ample scope to research companies before accepting an offer. Since Glassdoor is built on the principles of promoting transparency at the workplace, it offers unique insights such as salary reports, CEO approval ratings, employee reviews and more. Such information can help you form a well-rounded opinion of the employer and make a better informed decision.


Monster is one of the oldest global online platforms that offer opportunities, and career and recruitment management services to job seekers. If you are a registered nurse, sign up as a job seeker, upload your CV and start job-hunting. Monster has scores of international RN jobs!


As the Federal Government's official job site, USAJobs is a great platform to find RN opportunities in government organizations. With over six million active profiles and over 200 million website visits per year, USAJobs is highly trusted by Americans to find well-paid, highly respected roles in the civil services.


CareerBuilder uses data-driven technology and personalized tools to match employers with candidates based on individual needs and skill sets. It provides thousands of RN jobs that are worth exploring, if you choose to be highly selective about your role or the employer.


Nurses4America is yet another online community that helps nurses find high paying RN jobs with industry leaders across the US and also provides resume and interview assistance. Their team has also been helping nurses migrate to the US since 2005. is a community for registered nurses to help them succeed in their career. It offers resources for nurses to keep themselves updated and serves as a job board for registered nurses to search for opportunities.

We hope that these job sites help you land your dream job soon. Remember, your job search never ends with clicking the Apply Button or submitting your resume. There are multiple stages that you must prepare for, such as the Interview stage, to qualify and get selected for the role. Subscribe to our blog and stay updated with our career resources to impress the employer.

Post by Bhairavi KS
December 9, 2021


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