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Clinician Resources / Education / Tips to Study for the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Exam

Planning to take the ANCC exam is understandably nerve racking, but keep in mind that you have been taking and passing exams throughout the course of your education. You have the ability to successfully pass this exam as well. Here are some of our best suggestions to help you get ready.

1. Allow Plenty of Time to Prepare Properly

It is recommended you start studying for the ANCC certification six months prior to sitting for your exam. This gives you ample time to effectively prepare. It is helpful to create a schedule of topics to study each day so you can structure your study time productively. Stick to your schedule so you are able to build your base of knowledge as you go, rather than cramming the less familiar material right before the exam. Experts say that your ability to retain information will decline after two hours, so strive to study two hours each day with a break after the first hour.

2. Create Study Material for the ANCC Exam

Creating your own flash cards, rather than borrowing them, will aid in your ability to retain information. If you write it out yourself, you're more likely to remember it. Flash cards are also a convenient way to study on the go, so keep them with you and study them if you have a free moment, like while waiting in line or in a waiting room. You can also have family and friends use them to quiz you.

3. Use Practice Questions and Texts

The ANCC website provides information regarding publications to help you prepare for, and maintain, your certification. In addition to these publications, the ANCC provides access to narrated online courses, review and resource manuals, certification review seminars and study groups, which can be used for your exam preparation.

4. Join an ANCC exam Study Group

In addition to the ANCC study materials, it is also a good idea to form study groups with your peers. This will give you the opportunity to cover study material in a group setting, which will help reinforce what you've learned and build confidence in areas you may have struggled with while studying alone.

5. Rest Up

The week before the ANCC exam, be sure to prioritize sleep, eat healthy a diet, and drink plenty of water. Try to relax and be confident you will do well. Best of luck!

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June 25, 2023


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