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Clinician Resources / Inspiration / Top 5 Side Hustles for Registered Nurses in the US

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Registered Nurses (RNs) have a fulfilling career, yet it is an emotionally, physically, and mentally demanding job. In the United States, nurses are usually well paid for their services. However, according to a 2019 survey by Becker Hospital Review, more than 1 in 5 registered nurses have a second nursing job. The reasons range from growing your income to upskilling and taking a career break. If you are an RN who is looking to take on more work in your existing schedule, here is a list of the top 5 side hustles for registered nurses.

Freelance Healthcare Writing for Registered Nurses

If you enjoy writing and have a talent for the same, consider blogging as it can open a lot of options for you. Bloggers and freelance writers work from the comfort of their homes, decide their working hours, rates, and get to choose the clients they work with.

Several companies require people with on-ground experience and subject knowledge to write blogs, patient-focused articles in healthcare journals, create educational content for students, and more. You could also explore the opportunities at your workplace and find out if they are looking to hire a writer. Organizations often have newsletters, journals, and websites that need a writer's expertise.

As a blogger, you may need to create your site, keep it updated and drive traffic to it to build an audience. Once you have a popular blog with a loyal readership, you can look at advertising opportunities. Many companies get in touch with bloggers to promote their products.

Your nursing credentials, experience, and writing skills can go a long way in helping you become an authority in the field.

To get started, you could join professional organizations such as the National Association of Science Writers (NASW). A member of NASW enjoys access to job leads, science fairs, journals, and more.

Per Diem Shifts for Registered Nurses

Per is a Latin phrase that means per day or for each day. Contextually, it refers to hiring temporary nurses. A per diem nurse can make extra money because he/she is usually called upon at the last minute and is expected to be available and responsive when the need arises. They don't have guaranteed hours and is called upon to fill in the shifts for regular staff who may be sick or on vacation.  

Some of the advantages of opting for per diem work include:

Freedom of Schedule

Full-time and most part-time RNs have a locked-in schedule offering limited flexibility. For example, if a per diem nursing job offers a 4-week increment schedule, the nurse has the option to choose their preferred open shifts at the beginning, or opt for a weekly gig, or wait until the day they are called upon.

A Great Career Option

It is a lucrative opportunity that lets you amplify and maintain a steady source of income with limited hours of work. It makes an excellent career choice for mothers looking to juggle between work and family or for someone nearing retirement and looking to cut back hours.

Higher Income for Registered Nurses

Per Diem RN jobs provide the ability to make more money. These nurses are generally paid more than the regular nursing staff, as they are mostly called at the last minute. Though they don't enjoy the same benefits as full-time employees, per diem opportunities are a great way to boost income.

Ideal Opportunity to Learn

Taking up per diem RN jobs can help nurses explore other options such as psychiatric nursing or the emergency. It can serve as a great training ground to upskill and advance your career.

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CPR Instructor Work

With their expertise and experience, RNs fit perfectly in caregiving roles. Working as a CPR and Basic Life Instructor are great, tailor-made options for a registered nurse. The CPR instructor position has a projected growth of 8% from 2014 to 2024, which means it is poised for an increase in demand. Taking a class requires certification and The American Heart Association has the most accepted CPR instructor training course available.

Nursing Opportunities in Telemedicine

Telenursing lets you provide care for patients in need over the phone or the internet. Telemedicine was a booming industry even before the Covid-19 pandemic and is now more so in demand. According to American Hospital Association, 76% of hospitals in the US connect with patients using video and other forms of technology. A telehealth nurse uses audio and video sessions to assess a patient's condition and make recommendations basis their medical condition. To be eligible for this role, an RN requires three to five years of bedside RN experience, a background check, and an unrestricted license.

Telenursing is especially useful for RNs who want to work from home. Part-time opportunities are also available for nurses who are looking to continue their full-time job.

Medical Transcriptionist and Healthcare Documentation Specialist

A medical transcriptionist transcribes spoken medical data from doctors and other healthcare professionals into a document. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical transcriptionists must be familiar with medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments. Their ability to understand what the healthcare worker has recorded, correctly transcribe that information, and identify any inaccuracies in the transcript is critical to reducing the chance that patients will get ineffective or even harmful treatments. Medical transcriptionists also may need to be familiar with EHR systems. This makes it one of the highly rewarding side jobs for nurses in healthcare.

Being a healthcare documentation specialist gives nurses the freedom to choose their schedule and work from home with good pay.

The above options are some of the best and better-paying RN jobs. In case you are looking to find a better full-time opportunity for career growth, sign up on DirectShifts now and grow your income.

Post by Upasana Sharma
November 22, 2021


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