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As a Clinical Nurse Specialist, you wear many hats: educator, consultant, researcher and change agent. Our CNS jobs are for you!

If you love new challenges and diverse responsibilities, the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is the career path for you. You're an expert clinician who provides and guides the care of the most complex and seriously ill patients. In addition to promoting cost-effective health care, as a CNS, you also likely serve as a resource and expert clinician at the bedside. You may also have opportunities to support process improvement initiatives, and assist in standardizing and optimizing health care throughout your organization. A CNS is a leader, innovator and role model for the entire organization. Fortunately for you, your skills are also in high-demand. In addition to working in hospitals, Clinical Nurse Specialists can find opportunities to use their education, skills, and experience to work in private practice clinics, hospices, long-term care facilities, home health care, or medical centers.

Top CNS Jobs

If you are a Clinical Nurse Specialist who is considering a change, we would welcome the chance to help you to find your dream job! Some of our current CNS jobs are:

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August 9, 2022


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