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We Are Canceling Work-Life Balance. Or Are We?

The idea of work-life balance has become increasingly popular over the last decade, with employees looking for organizations that can accommodate this desire. It is the idea that work, and life can coexist in a balanced way. Now that 2023 is near, it is time for us all to leave this concept behind. Why? The idea that there should be a balance between these two factors and that the balance should be equal is antiquated. If organizations continue to focus on this concept, they will be left behind. 

When we think about our clinicians, we want to think about what life really looks like. For many, it is family, friends, kids, pets, schooling, hobbies, personal health, vacations, bills, holidays, and a plethora of other pieces that come up over time. Is it realistic to assume that all of these things can or should account for 50% of the work-life balance equation? At DirectShifts, we want to be at the forefront of addressing this issue in healthcare.

For so many, life contains most, if not all, of those factors. Moving into the new year, we will set the expectation that one of those many factors is also one's career. Life is like a wheel with many spokes. Work is merely one of those spokes. As one of the leaders in the healthcare staffing industry, we want to ensure all of our clinicians that we will continue to reframe how we approach this concept and ensure that we challenge the status quo. The status quo will no longer be enough for us, our clinicians, or the healthcare organizations they work with. While determining the precise solution is difficult, we want to keep moving forward and setting an example that allows everyone to feel that life, in all of its forms, is the priority. 



Post by Rachael Oldham
November 24, 2022


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