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With so many jobs available to physician assistants today, finding the perfect one can be more challenging than ever. Follow our tips to make sure you pick the one that,s right for you.

Today,s job market is very friendly to licensed and certified physician assistants (PA). The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that tens of thousands of jobs will be created over the next decade. But even if finding a PA job is easier than ever, picking the RIGHT PA job can still be a challenge. It,s common for physician assistant job seekers to be weighing several jobs offers at one time. If you,re in this position, the opportunities can be overwhelming. Whether you,re looking at one job or several our tips can help you say yes to the PA job that,s right for you.

Tip #1: New PA Graduate? Look for a Strong Orientation Program

If you,re weighing offers after graduation, look for an employer with a strong orientation program to jump start your career. Here are three things you,ll want to know.

  • First, how long is the orientation program? This can vary depending on the organization and the area of specialty, from two months for primary care, to up to a year for a specialty area like critical care.
  • Second, what are the patient load expectations for a new PA? Depending on the environment, a new PA may start with one to four patients, then gradually work up to a full patient load, which might mean 10-20 patients a day.
  • Third, who will serve as your preceptor? You,ll want to know which staff person will be assigned to train you and share their knowledge, skills, and experience to help you succeed in your new position.

Tip #2: Experienced PA? Find a Satisfying Position for the Long Term

If you have several years of experience as a physician assistant, you,re familiar with your role and confident in your capabilities. Now it,s time to find a job that will satisfy your career needs. Take time to assess your job offers. Which one will help you practice to the full scope of your training? Over the long haul, a skilled PA can take on more responsibility than a nurse or a resident. The job that,s the right fit should have clinical responsibilities that are challenging and appropriate to your level of experience.

Tip #3: Know What You Want in Your Next PA Job

Whether you,re a new grad or an experienced PA, you probably have a good picture of your ideal clinical environment. Take a minute to review your clinicals, preceptors, and previous job experience. What specialty areas are most interesting to you? Where do you want to be located? Do you prefer working in a hospital or a clinic? What do you want in a supervising physician? Get clear on what you value most, and you,ll start to see your job offers in a new light. The one that fits your interests and personality may yield the greatest career rewards long term.

Tip #4: Find an Employer that Values the PA Role

As a physician assistant, your skills and training set you apart and define your role on a multi-disciplinary team. The scope of your practice will be defined by the location and the organization in which you practice. So, learn how state laws, regulations, and hospital bylaws pertain to your area of practice. Ask about other PA positions within the organization. Where do they practice, and how are their roles structured? Be clear on the organization,s practice agreement before accepting a job offer. What does it say about your job role? What benefits are you entitled to? How will malpractice insurance be addressed? Reading the fine print can tell you a lot about how PAs are valued and utilized by your prospective employer.

Tip #5 Connect to a Network of Your Peers

There,s no substitute for a good sounding board, so take time to connect with your peers. Maintain strong lines of communication with others in your field, and you,ll always have someone to go to for advice. You can also take advantage of resources from professional organizations like the American Academy of PAs website.

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March 17, 2023


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