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Workplace Values: What Matters to Clinicians- Key Takeaways

What values do our clinicians want to see in their new organization? What can organizations do to find a solution to keep their staff engaged and retained?

It's no secret that people prefer to work for organizations where they feel happy, driven, and encouraged from time to time, and with the world being more connected now than ever, companies are finding it more challenging to ensure they give their employees a pleasant environment.

To address this, the DirectShifts team spoke with Dr. Dierich Kaiser, a clinical psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience in the field, about the power of positive workplace culture and what it takes to motivate and encourage our healthcare workers. He is an expert in child and staff psychiatry. He also mentors psychiatric residents and medical students. We asked him to share some of his achievements, experiences, and challenges faced as a psychiatrist with our listeners.

We discussed what importance the workplace culture holds in any clinician's life and this is what he had to say:

  • What can employers do to really find a way to attract and retain their staff, and keep them happy, energized, and satisfied?
  • Dr. Kaiser told us that clinicians value being appreciated by the institution that they're working for. They too need care, protection and nurturing from the healthcare facility that they are working for.  
  • What basic values like empathy, kindness, respect, and support go a long way to the retention and helping your staff feel like they belong.

Dr. Kaiser also mentioned how a viewpoint from a third party can help a clinician think from a different perspective. How important it is to kind of step out of your own comfort zone and see what other people think. 

It is important to find a person or a comrade with whom they can share their feelings, their thoughts, and how therapy could be helpful, even for clinicians and mental health therapists.

Towards the end of the interview, he talked about how being vulnerable during the initial years of one's career is okay, and that with experience, every clinician settles into the environment. 

To emphasize how well DirectShifts is performing, he says, "I've found that DirectShifts has done a better job." Most companies I've worked with, have had discussions like this, which means a lot because it means you're interested in and open to new ideas. You're not resting on your laurels, and you're asking questions. Your coworkers, as well as your doctors and practitioners, think it's fantastic. You're pushing the envelope and developing as a company yourself, so that's what it takes. I think that's what's so important. As a result, "DirectShifts" has been extremely beneficial to me.

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Post by Saniya Mahajan
December 17, 2022


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