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Employer Resources / diversity / Why Every Healthcare Recruiter Should Focus on Diversity & Inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion are paramount in all areas of life. Healthcare being a service industry caters to a large melting pot of humanity. People of varied genders, ages, races, cultural backgrounds, languages, ideologies, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, and national origins come to healthcare organizations seeking care. And to best communicate, understand and treat these patients with the best care possible, it is vital they see themselves within the healthcare workforce.

It is not just the patients who benefit from being cared for by a diverse organization, it is the organization itself and the healthcare workforce in it. 

Better and more creative problem solving

A diverse workforce brings together people of varied educational backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and ideologies. In a time of emergency and even for regular patient care, innovative and strategic thinking lead to creative solutions that can, in turn, lead to operational excellence. Diverse organisations are more likely to have employees who feel they can be themselves and are empowered to participate. Moreover, according to a study by Harvard Business Review, they may also encourage greater scrutiny of each member's actions, keeping their joint cognitive resources sharp and vigilant.


Better recruitment and employee retention

Ambitious healthcare professionals are more attracted to inclusive organizations. A diverse workplace promotes an environment of mutual respect between co-workers. Working with co-workers who bring their unique self to the table in terms of background, abilities, culture and more, employees are more able to appreciate different opinions. Creating a diverse and inclusive environment results in a more motivated, efficient and productive healthcare workforce and staff. You can find a large pool of top-notch & diverse talent on DirectShifts. 


Happier and productive employees

Lack of diversity can stifle minority healthcare workers. They may want to try and fit in and lose out on what makes them unique. A diverse and inclusive environment allows employees to be themselves & be more comfortable in sharing their views. As it is known, a happy employee is a productive employee! Numbers prove it too, a survey by Salesforce showed that a commitment to equality positively impacts employee morale. Employees feel proud to work for companies that stand for equal rights, foster inclusion, provide equal opportunities, and care about closing the gender pay gap.


Better patient care and healthcare delivery

Hospitals are service providers with the aim of improving community health and individual patient care. Drawing upon racial and cultural differences is crucial to executing the mission to improve community health. It is researched and known that social and cultural factors play a major role in health and illness.  It is important to develop cultural competencies in care providers to help them respect patients values and habits, and to bridge gaps in understanding their concerns. 

If you are into healthcare recruiting and looking to create a diverse talent pool for your organization, schedule a call with our team now!

Post by Upasana Sharma
July 7, 2021


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